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High paying Keywords and adsense

High Paying Keywords for Adsense.

Adsense publishers are often found to be running afer any possible source of high paying keyword. As clear from the term high paying keyword, the ads being served by google on the content pages having high paying keyword will more for every single click and thats why everyone would like to get a list of these keywords.But hold on, if you are a beginner and just heard of this term and start running after it than I would suggest you to read this post which explains the truth behind high paying keywords, the dynamics of high paying keywords, the scams that has been associated with it since its ever ending demand for ever.

Truth behind these high paying keywords for Adsense.

You have often visited your adsense account to find that only few cents has been deposited in your account for a single click, that may range from $0.001 to $0.020 or little more. So, whats about earning $40 to $75 or even more for a single click. Yes, it is that much or more an adsense publisher earns from these high paying keywords and this is here, where from the whole story about its several aspects begins.

High paying keywords scam

Though you can find millions of site related to high paying keyword with a single search in any search engines but as you know that the higher the gain, the higher the risk behind that. Since the publishers are always in search of high paying keywords for the content on their webpage. Most often you will find lots of websites claiming to serve you a genuine list of high paying keywords which they have discovered by research after several trial and error process by spending their valuable time. They will ask you to pay for that and it also makes a sense for this. Afterall they are searching by trial and error process through years and at this moment of time they are asking you very little in comparison to their experience and time worth. But taking advantage of this demand and supply there are lots more of website who are making people fool in many ways. Though if you have no money to spare for those, don't get frustrated as lots of blogs, articles, and few sites are often found on net to publish that list for you.
If you are little observative, you can self make a list of highest paying keyword by looking at the bids on the keyword in Google Adword Tool- https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

So, if you are deciding to pay some one for high paying keyword beware of scam sites. Pay them only after getting assure that they will provide what you need and the keywords they are going to provide is really high paying.

Risk of creating pages with high paying keywords

The experienced adsense publishers are well aware about creating webpages stufffed with only high paying keywords. So, they often use to optimize their blogs or website with a mixed types of keyword though there are lots of pages in their sites/ blogs containing contents with high paying keyword, both with the intention of making better money and ofcourse the site or blog demands the content with these keywords there and lots more stuff with content having normal or low paying keywords.

At this point you may be thinking off, why they are doing so, whats the risk behind creating site or blog stuffed with high paying keyword?
The answer is yes there is a risk of getting banned or being deprived of high paying keywords on your blog or sites by Google Adsense. The reason being that being stuffed with only high paying keyword, your blog/s or website/s provides a clear message to google that your presence online is not for the purpose of serving contribution to the web instead you are here for the sole intention of making money and as per Google Adesense TOS, webmaster guidelines, program policies, no one should create any website or blog solely for the intention of making money from Adsense. So, if you are deciding to create your blog or website concentrated round those keywords only then refrain yourself from doing so, instead create better contents and your blog / website will be automatically rewarded in course of time.

Does high paying keyword really pays high click rates?

This is a very important aspect of high paying keyword and everyone running after it should know about this. This is the question where I would like to provide you two answers to show you the truth and dynamics working behind high paying keywords.

  • The answer is a same keyword expected to pay high click rates may pay as high as $75 to $100 on the other hand the same keyword when clicked on your site will pay you $0.10.

Do, you get surprised and demoralised getting this answer? Don't be so, it is what I was asking about that everybody running after high paying keyword should know, the dynamics of keyword.

Dynamics of keyword

The dynamics of keyword game is about what makes a keyword high paying or low paying keyword. So, if you are running after high paying keyword, you must know what is there behind any keyword which makes it a high paying, so that you can choose a right keyword while making selection among tonns of keyword that is present online.

So, let me be very clear about this fact. A keyword become popular based on what the search engine users type most to find any information about particular niche. The advertisers are always ready to pay for the most popular keyword for a particular niche.

Suppose you have created a content which is uncommon and only a few advertisers are available there to advertise hence the keyword used will have obviously rare competition and less pricing offered for that whereas the keywords niches which has tough competition for getting displayed on other websites has comparatively higher rates.

The advertiers will pay much more if they will get back good return from the visitors visiting their page after clicking on any paid link. Thus the keyword which is low paying keyword may be the higher paying keyword after some time. Apart from this Googles smart pricing works for all in a special algorithm so as to save the interest of advertisers and the publishers too.

Adsense smart pricing

Now you may be thinking of "what the hell is this?" Actually dear, this is not the hell but this is the whole game on which the Google adsense is based upon and it is really unique that serves the interest of both advertisers and the publishers.

Adsense smart pricing is based on the conversion potential of every click. The price of any paid link depends on demand and supply basis that is being setteled by advertiser's bidding. Now suppose the price of the keyword has been settled as if it is a highest paid keyword. Now how much adsense pays you will depend upon their smart price algorithm which depends upon the pagerank, popularity, related content quality, ad location in your webpage and many more.
Thus the same keyword may pay to some website $75 but it will earn you $0.02.
So, it would be better to stop running after high paid keyword and concentrate on quality content for better results.

I will discuss in details about Adsense Smart Pricing in some other post of my blog, some other day.

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