Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CTR is the key of adsense

Every Adsense publisher knows that CTR is the only key to the lock of Adsense money bank. But since the nature of adsense is never static since its conception, so its dynamism invites unwanted fluctuation in revenue and ofcourse the CTR.

It is worth mentioning here that CTR is the short form of CLICK THROUGH RATIO, means it is a simple comparison between the number of visits your webpage receives to the number of clicks it received. The more the clicks, the more it contribute to the weitage of zeros of your cheque.

Anyway, its better to come to the point that how to improve the number of CTR.

There are many factors which decides the CTR that you are receiving on your blog/site. But before reading the whole story its better to understand that no one can predict of compute an exact formula for getting higher CTR on your site. The one which works best for someone may perform moderate for another and can result to a total failure for some another. Its all depends upon the structure of your website/ blog.

But fortunately we have a general observation to have better CTR, you may follow them or may modify a little in these factors that suits better for your site/blog.

Few of these factors has already been written in my early posts.

* Quality content is the first thing that should be taken care of. You shuold always keep in mind that wether you are able to produce the quality within your content that your visitors are demanding. If the answer is not then the result would turns worst, that you can't even imazine off. Initially it seems ok with the number of visitors on your site due to proper promotion. But the background story is somewhat like this. The visitors for the first time being landed on your content page with poor quality would ignore your content and try to search some useful links on the same page that consequently generate clicks on your adsense account, but once they come out of the page they will never turn back to your page again.

So, quality is must. Its more important to keep your 5 visitors glued for 50 minutes duration on the same page in comparison to 50 visitors with 0. to 5 sec. on your page. The longer they will stay on your page, the more the chance of clicking on ads.

There is a simple reason behind this. Once the visitors finished reading your content, their mind starts boggling what to do or read the next? Now, it is the related Adsense ads which provokes them to click on these and helps you earning money.

* The next big factor is proper display of related ads on your blog or website. It is often found that most adsense publishers' are unable to make their content keyword rich. The mistake they make most often is to insert improper density of keywords in various parts of the same blog or site. You can read about the how Keyword plays role in Google ranking here. The poor density of keyword just puzzles the Adsense itself about the kind of ads that should be served on your blog or site. This on the other hand adversely affects the adsense earning because there is a common sense that while you are reading about "Heart Attack" in a medical blog or website, you would really be not interested in clicking on some informations about "Jwellery Shop or MP3 CDs" being served there by Google Adsense. So, try to have proper density of keyword in your content.

* Ad placement is another factor that cannot be ignored any how. Just imagine any scene of your nearby market. You will notice that the big or small Banners or Hoarding advertisement are always being placed in such a position that falls straight to your eyes without any hindrance. The logic is simple, the more it is in the range of your visibility, the more remains the chances of getting catch of your sight.
Similarly, where you are applying the adsense code in your site/blog also works for CTR. There are few places and sizes that has been considered to work best for most of the sites.

o The skycraper 160X600 works best on the right hand side of the content, the reason being that we have a tendency to read from left to right. This means we ends our reading at right side of the site/blog and after completion of the reading our eyes stare on the right side in search of some more useful contents on right site. Now it is the skycraper that works best there due to its visibility and ofcourse the size.

o The Leaderboard 728X90 works best at the top of the content and below the content.

o The link ads works best below the navigation menu bars.

o The large rectangle works best on the left side just at the begining of the content.

So, the main concept is that keep the ads near the visibility of the visitors, so that they don't have to scroll down to see your ads.

* Blending of Ads with the content is another that must be done before publishing to get better results. I often remember my schooldays, when the TV ads have not bring up with the idea of blending the commercial ads with TV serials or cinemas or cricket matches. During those days, all the commercial ads in India were being used to shown before starting of any movie, TV serial or cricket match. The worst result they suffered that their commercial ads are often being ignored by most TV viewers, and they use to switch on the Television set just 2 to 3 minutes before the starting of TV programs. Thenafter comes the TV commrcial ad blending strategies with the movies, serials, cricket matches etc.

Actually common people has the general tendency of avoiding advertisements as it is such a subject which bores them. So, it is very important to blend your google ads with your content by changing their background color to the body color of the content. The fonts should be matched with the content fonts. The font color and the URL color should be blended properly. Doing this will benefit your blog by giving an impression to the visitors of your blog as if these ads are a part of your content and these links are integrated part of your self blog or website, thus they would not ignore these and increases the chances of clicking on those ads as these ads bears relative information to the contents present on your blog/site.

Though there are lots more to discuss, but these few implementation will work for everyone. If you like this post, please share with your friends and help them to be a perfect blogger.
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