Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adsense doesnot pay for click

Adsense account report overview is the most awaited thing that every adsense publisher like to peep into, several times a day or even several time a hour. Why not? Afterall this is all for which many adsense publishers are toiling through day to earn every possible penny by implementing the best possible fair strategy, quality content and everything needed.

So what would an adsense publisher like to see when they login to their adsense account. Ofcourse earning statistics. The first thing everyone's view stare at is Today's Earning section of adsense account page mentioned in bold green color. But many a times the earning shows there is very depressive. Its $0.00.
Soon after that, the eyes stare at a short summary details. Now this is the place which sometimes turns the new adsense publishers a more frustrated when they see that there are clicks either 1 or 2 but earning has not being registered. The first question that strikes the mind at this view is

"WHY there is no earning despite of 1 or more clicks"?

So, if you are new adsense publisher then I am sure that, you may be thinking complaining adsense about this with a mail and claim your earning or getting the exact reason for that. But hold on, you are expecting something which you are not entitled to get. Google adsense has a simple and clear answer about your query stating that they will not be able to clarify the exact reason due to their stratigical privacy but your earnings are as per adsense TOS.

Wait a bit before making any wrong impression about adsense in your mind and left all considering adsense as fake. I think you should have a little closer look on Adsense TOS and adsense help section to get your probable answer that has already been answered there.

So, what are the probable answer of your question about non earning clicks?

The answer is here. First of all you have to make up your mind that you are working with a most renouned money making system who have their best reputation in web market. So, throw out of your mind the misconception that adsense ever trying to cheat you by stealing few cents from your account by not making you payment. On the contrary, adsense have designed the best possible strategy to save the interest of the advertisers who are draining money for their purpose into Google adword and the interest of the adsense publishers too who are the only leverage mechanism of adsense to smoothen the money inflow from the advertiser and they in return get the best quality oil (ofcourse adsense earning) from adsense to keep that lever mechanism smooth. So, this may confuse you a bit more that is adsense is so authentic then why they have not paid you, your much expected money that you deserve.

The answer follows very simple logic to understand. Read it,

As told earlier that adsense has implemented the best logic strategy & tracking system to track every activity. Hence if you have registered some click but not earned then the probable reason should be one or more among those mentioned below.

1. INVALID CLICK - The click has not been registered in adsense as valid clicks. You may be a genuine adsense publisher not clicking from your IP on your ads but may be somewhere your friend is trying to help you with clicks on ads of your webpage to help you. Adsense has a complex logic to differentiate between the valid & invalid click. Though adsense never disclosed the strategy but experienced publishers over time has analysed few factors that google adsense might be using. Adsense considers the time difference between clicks, probable conversion ratio, authenticity of IP where from click is been made etc.

2. Clicks made on public service ads - Sometimes adsense doesnot have ads related to your content and it displays public service ads on your page. These ads are not payable if someone have clicked on the ads while adsense is displaying public service ads.

3. INVALID IP - Sometimes publishers made complain that they are using cyber cafe for their website, so their IP are showing same as being the IP from which the clicks are being made. Remember that adsense understand that every user may not have personal pc at their home and may be using PC from cyber cafe, hence same IP shared by more than 1 people. Adsense also has generated strategy about what should be the criteria for considering the clicks from same IP as valid that are not being made by the adsense publisher themselves.

So, I would suggest you to keep away the misconception about adsense, take care of your quality blogging/sites, fair promotion techniques, better SEO and left the rest of the job for Adsense to do. I assure you that Adsense is your most authentic accountant that you should rely on. It will never let any single penny to loose from your account that you deserve nor it let incoming of any illegal penny to your account that doesnot belongs to you.

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