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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

High paying Keywords and adsense

High Paying Keywords for Adsense.

Adsense publishers are often found to be running afer any possible source of high paying keyword. As clear from the term high paying keyword, the ads being served by google on the content pages having high paying keyword will more for every single click and thats why everyone would like to get a list of these keywords.

Adsense smart pricing

How much Adsense pays you in smart pricing

Adsense account holders have ever noticed of regular fluctuation about the earnings they made when someone click on the ads on the page. The results often vary from as high as few dollar or more to as low as $0.001 . This is very depressive to those who doesn't know the reason and smart pricing technique used behind this.

Unique magic titles for your content

Good or quality content is the king of online publishing but despite of creating good unique informative content most of the publishers fails to drive traffic to their web pages.
The publishers considers their failure caused due to lack of proper promotion but the story is somewhat else.

Use Niche Bot for earning from adsense

Adsense succes is all about how to make the content effective enough so as to make it search engine friendly and visitor friendly as well. These factors in turn depends upon the niche you have choosen and the keywords used there. You may be thinking off that these are repeated words used by me very often. Yes, its true and I admit that. Afterall, adsense is not more than these two factors that I tries to insist again and again in my mst of the blogs.