Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slapping Adsense on your Blog

Often most Adsense publishers are found to be in hurry to start earning money from Adsense. Since most of the publishers already have an adsense account from the begining of next blog, so they never hold their patience to wait for sometime to put the adsense code to the fresh generated Blog about a particular topic.

Now the real problem begins here. Most of them are found to be complaining about non relevant ads on their blogs and consequently low conversion ratio.

Now if you too are new publisher or don't know what the exact problem is associated with such kind of activities then digg through the post to know it.

The first thing that is worth mentioning here is low conversion ratio due to non relevant ads.

It is a simple logic that when any visitors comes to your blog or website then he/she is most interested to read the content of your blog first and after completition their mind starts searching for more related informations on the same page to gather little more knowledge about their interested topic. When they find some related ads being served by Adsense on the same page then they most likely tends to click on those ads which increases the conversion ratio.

So, what is the relation between low convertion ratio and early slapping of Adsense code in the blog?

The answer is here. When a blog is new, the Google bots has not indexed the topics on such blogs. Even if you have no or few post on your blog and Google bot has crawled it, this may also affect the Adsense performance on your blog. Actually due to the above mentioned cause, the Google Adsense often doesnot able to understand the keywords upon which you main emphasis should be given or the topic around which your blogs would be concentrated. Consequently, due to the presence of Adsense code on your Blog, it is most likely tends to serve non related ads on your blogs.

Adsense efforts to resist such non related ads.
Though Adsense never declares their strategy but it seems from Adsense policy that Adsense tends to resist such non relevancy by non accepting the most recent created blogs for creating new accounts with them. It accepts the blogs that are atleast 6 months old. By this duration, the Google bot has crawled several times for most active blogs and understand it better, which helps Adsense to serve better related Ads on the blogs.

So whats the better time to slap Adsense on the blogs?
The answer is a bit confusing based on the type of blogging platform you are using but the basic strategy remains the same.
Its always a bad strategy to implement the adsense code no sooner after the formation of a new blog.

There is a little guide lines that every publishers should follow for new blogs/sites.

1. The first thing that every blogger should do following creation of new blog is that they should start posting quality contents atleast 25 to 30 with proper keyword density and good SEO techniques. This will help Google Search Engines and Google Adsense to get better understanding about the main emphasis of the blog/ site.

2. Start promoting your blog as much as you can using white hat SEO strategies, this will help Google bots to get notice of your blog/ sites and will crawl much earlier than usual. This also helps to get better understanding to Adsense about the BLOG to serve related ads properly.

3. Try to collect backlinks if possible or use reference to the higher PR sites related to your blog content. This will also helps SE and Adsense to understand about the blog to serve better related ads.

4. You can also use adsense targeting to particular section of your blog content to help Adsense understanding better about which content section you wants to emphasis and which part should be ignored.

This can be done by implementing a set of special HTML comment tags to your code.

The HTML tags to emphasize a page section take the following format:

< !-- google_ad_section_start -- >

< !-- google_ad_section_end -- >

You can also designate sections you'd like to have ignored by adding a (weight=ignore) to the starting tag:

< ! -- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -- >

5. Its best to wait till you have 25 to 35 blog posts in your blog or wait few weeks if you have low blog posts till google bot crawled on your blog before slapping or merging adsense with your blog. You can confirm bot crawling through Google webmasters tool.
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