Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unique magic titles for your content

Good or quality content is the king of online publishing but despite of creating good unique informative content most of the publishers fails to drive traffic to their web pages.
The publishers considers their failure caused due to lack of proper promotion but the story is somewhat else.

Let us first consider from the publishers point of view that they have not promoted it properly. But when asked where you have tried for its promotion, then the answer would be quite obvious and counts you about many social bookmarking sites,articles, directory submission etc. If someone fails to drive traffic despite of all these efforts, then I would rather like to say that the problem lies deep in the begining and not in promotion.

So, whats the problem lies there?

Here lies the answer, the problem lies in choosing page title. Despite of all the best possible efforts of promoting your webpage, it is the title first which catch the sight of your targeted visitor.

The title appears at the top of online search has the whole responsibility of attracting the visitors towards it. It is the title, viewing which the visitor decides that whether they should proceed further to click open and read the content or not.

So, try to make your title unique and attractive that attracts the interest of the visitors and forcibly compels them to click on it to open and read the whole topic.

Title is the basic thing that tells the visitors and the search engines as well about what is there inside the page.

So how a MAGIC TITLE can be created?

Actually there is nothing magic in creating title but there is definitely a sience of creating it. Here are few points discussed below to illustrate the process easily.

1.- If you have a website that is about selling any product then you should use the company's name along with the product is such an effective way that the title would not be a long trail of words but have enough information to communicate the idea about the content on your page along with your company and product name.

2. Keep the character limit of title between 50 to 70. As short title is one of the criteria of onpage SEO as search engines shows only a portion of long titles.

3. If you have several pages concentrated on same topic then try to name the subpages as per the subtopics present on that page. Never use same title on every page, this will confuse the search engines while searching the content of the inner pages.

4. Use some tricky words that attract the visitors towards your webpage.

For example- if you are reading this page then it is definitely due to the word "magic title". Though the content doesnot has to do anything with traditional magic but anything that makes an impossible or tough things easy may be considered as magic. Here attracting visitors with tricky word is really a magic. But try to use those tricky words only where needed else it would have adverse effect on your visitor's mind.
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