Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Use Niche Bot for earning from adsense

Adsense succes is all about how to make the content effective enough so as to make it search engine friendly and visitor friendly as well. These factors in turn depends upon the niche you have choosen and the keywords used there. You may be thinking off that these are repeated words used by me very often. Yes, its true and I admit that. Afterall, adsense is not more than these two factors that I tries to insist again and again in my mst of the blogs.

But today I am going to provide you a handy tool that helps you to decide quickly on these factoes without much pain.

While searching for a handy tool that can help us all who are trying to earn from adsense for deciding about good niche, best keyword, high paying keyword etc. I got NICHE BOT CLASSIC.

Now let me tell you what is this and how it will help you to make your adsense success effort effectively. As it appears from its name itself that is is something related to NICHE, but it is a little more than that. It is basically a keyword search service. If you go through the above niche bot link by clicking it, then you will find a box prompting you to enter the keyword that you might be thinking off to use it in your present content while writing a new.

After entering the keyword and clicking the search button you will get a detailed analyzed result of how these keywords perform in various search engines. It will help you to get a clear idea about what keyword are being used most while any search is being made by people on the internet. It even gives a comparative analysis search performed on different search engines to help you understand the total cumulative study of the search trends.

How does these statistics helps you in increasing adsense earning?

First of all, I would like to say you that if you are just a starter or about to start and your content is being not visited by the sufficient number of visitors despite of your efforts on quality content and best promoting techniques then just do the test mentioned below.

* Check your niche -Enter any keyword related to yourniche and checkout the result that how many search are being done on that particular topic. Try results with maximum number of keywords that comes in your mind but try to keep these keyword simple and general as most of the search made online are being made by using general keywords because most of the search makers are either new or not expert and they makes search this way. Moreover its simple thing that the general keyword will give you the maximum number of searches made onnet about that topic. This will also help you to get an idea about whether you have choosen a right niche to drive maximum traffic or not. If the answer is not then it is right time to switch over to some other niche over which satisfactory searches are being made over net.

* Check your keyword popularity -If you see that the number of search made online about that particular topic is quite satisfactory then proceed with the second test. The test about how popular are those keywords that you have either used or planned to use for the content. This is necessary because if the keyword used in your content is not popular enough then it is obvious that you are not going to get any satisfactory traffic. Now, how to try?. The best way is to start with most simple keyword that come in your mind about the topic. Check the results. In this way try to use different keywords that will match your content, you should also try few keyword in phrase to see its result. This is also an important aspect of keyword search, as I have seen from my personal web statics result that few people also use phrases to search the information needed. Thus this will help you to choose the best keywords for your topic, which will lead you a step ahead.

* Keyword SEO - Though this is not related to Niche bot, yet it is related to your adsense success. You have to monitor the keyword density also for getting better result. Try to use the keyword atleast 2 to 4 times in each paragraph and continue it atleast for 3 to 4 paragraphs. This keyword density will help the adsense to understand your content better and help them to provide the best related advertisement for your site. This increases the chances of clicking over these ads as they are an important source of irelated nformation too for those who are searching for information in your site. So, keep an eye on your keyword density.

Hope this much will help you in increasing your adsense earning. If you liked this post, please comment it and if you have any related querry, you can enter that in comment. I will answer your querry in my blog. Be in touch to get the more important updates on my blog.
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